Conference On Bridging The Mental Health Treatment Gap


Winner of WHO’s Public Health Champions Award (2016) invites you to its

  Conference on

Bridging the Mental Health Treatment Gap
Innovations in Mental Health Care in India

This conference commemorates Sangath’s 20 years of commitment to improve mental health across the lifespan through innovative approaches.

10TH and 11th December, 2016
Panaji, Goa.


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About the Organizers

Sangath, an NGO in the state of Goa, is engaged in mental health-related research activities since 1996. Sangath is at the forefront of designingand implementing innovative solutions for the large treatment gap for mental healthin India. Sangathintegrates  its innovations in existing platforms in the community such as the public health system, and the education sector, across different states in India. Sangathworks in close partnership with Ministry of Health in India, the London School ofHygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the Public Health Foundation of India. In 2008, it was awarded the MacArthurFoundation International Prize for Creative & Effective Institutions, andrecognized as India’s 4th leading public health research institute in 2015. InApril, 2016, Sangath was given the World Health Organization’s Public HealthChampion award for outstanding contribution to public health in the country.

Supported by- Tata Trusts and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Goal of the Conference

The goal of this conference is to bring together front-line implementers and researchers who are involved in innovative community approaches to mental health care to share their experiences and to define best practices emerging from these innovations which are ripe for scaling up.  Examples of innovative approaches may include task sharing, use of technology, integrating biomedical and recovery oriented approaches, service user engagement and partnership with indigenous systems of medicine.

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To bring together national and international experts and professionals from various healthcare disciplines to share innovative practices and research; and their application in the community.

  2. To promote collaboration between various healthcare disciplines towards the common goal of improving the mental health and well-being of the community.

  3. To illustrate the importance of the global mental health initiative and the role of health professionals, service users, NGOs, policy makers, the Government and the local community in this initiative.

  4. To highlight the need for evidence based mental health interventions, cross cultural applicability of such interventions, and their impact on socio-economic development.

  5. To provide opportunities for stakeholder dialogue to develop creative solutions to unresolved challenges in research, implementation of mental health policies and programmes, and optimizing the benefits of ensuring more integrated health care systems.

Is this conference for you?

This conference is designed to cater to the needs of

·         Policy makers

·         Mental health researchers

·         Frontline implementer of mental healthcare programmes

·         Mental health researcher

·         Mental healthcare innovator

·         Clinician

·         NGOs working in the field of mental health and allied fields

·         Service user

·         Mental healthcare clinician

 Core themes of the conference:

1) Integration of mental healthcare into existing platforms such as routine healthcare settings, including     primary or maternal health care, community settings, etc. 

2) Innovative psychosocial interventions.   

3) Use of technology in delivering mental healthcare. 

4) Promotion of mental health and prevention of mental disorders.   

5) Empowerment of persons living with mental illness.

6) Reaching the unreached: addressing mental health needs of vulnerable and marginalized groups.  

7) Voices of persons with lived experience and service users.